Artisan Route

Get to know the local artisans and producers! You can visit the Magic Swing, Trapiche, Lava Java Café, Santa Cruz Brewery craft beer plant, and explore the wooden crafts from Hera's workshop.

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Round trip bus

Our staff will arrange your transportation from Puerto Ayora to Highland View, which is also known as, "Columpio Mágico"

The journey takes approximately 25 minutes.
Early Departure: 08:30 am
Return: 10:00 am
Late Departure: 14:00 pm
Return: 15:30 pm

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Bus and Bicycle

Our staff will arrange transportiation with your bike from Puerto Ayora to Highland View’s "Columpio Mágico"

The journey takes approximately 25 minutes.
Departure: 09:00 am
Includes: Bicycle.
Upon your return by bicycle, you can visit visit: Trapiche, Lava Java Coffee, Santa Cruz Brewery Craft Beer, and Hera's Craft Workshop.


Artisan Route

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mapa ruta en bicicleta a trapiche ecológico, columpio mágico en galápagos


Meet local artisans in the upper part of the island.

personas disfrutando de una cerveza artesanal en galápagos
personas moliendo cebada
personas tomando cerveza artesanal de galápagos
personas moliendo cebada
café de galápagos
taza de café de galápagos

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